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Digital X-ray

ACUITY SDR+ OFFERS THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: • Intuitive 10” touchscreen display for simplified system operation • Up to 60 semi-automatic pre-set positions of stand height, orientation, and SID • Removable grid • Integrated High Frequency X-ray Generator, with customized Anatomical Programming (APR) from the digital technologist workstation • Integrated high performance digital flat panel DR detector, with fast image display and exceptional image quality • Occupies the smallest footprint within an 8’ ceiling without limiting full-functionality • Technologist friendly features with collimator and system movement controls from Bucky • Integrated safety features with multiple emergencystop buttons and collision sensors • Optional: Lightweight mobile patient imaging table, (max. Patient weight 516lbs.) • Optional: (AEC) Automatic Exposure Control • Dual laser LED collimator


 Acuity HD 1417 Wireless is a complete wireless, cassette sized detector to easily transform any existing conventional x-ray room into an efficient digital radiology suite. It is portable and lightweight design requires no bulky modification and easily integrates with any manufactures original equipment. Acuity HD 1417 wireless was designed for superior bone detail and delivers unmatched image quality in seconds automatic exposure detection, making it a perfect solution for practices seeking to upgrade their existing x-ray room at a cost effective price. This versatile, wireless detector allows for quick and easy integration and multi-purpose clinical applications.


 The Acuity 1717 is a slim and lightweight x-ray detector offers an easy “drop in” retrofit upgrade to any x-ray room. The detector utilizes directly deposited cesium iodide (Csi) for enhanced image contrast and sharpness with quick image acquisition in only seconds. With Auto Exposure Detection (AED), the Acuity 1717 allows for exposure timing detection without the need for a cable connection between the x-ray generator and detector for simple function, making the system truly “plug and play”. Easy upgrade to a digital radiology (DR) system

Effortless installation into any standard cassette tray

Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) for seamless integration to any x-ray system

Direct Deposit Csi technology for superior image quality in the most demanding imaging environments


Fuji Film FDR D-EVO is a portable flat panel detector (FPD) that introduces an intelligent alternative for analog-to-digital conversions. With quick image availability and short cycle times, Fuji Film FDR D-EVO will improve efficiency and reduce patient waiting without compromising image quality, flexibility or reliability.

EV650 Table

Versatile Comfort

650 lb. (294 kg) patient

weight capacity

Heavy-duty electric table

locks with foot treadle release

Lowers to 22.25 in (56.5 cm) for

comfortable patient transfer

Various table length

and width options

Stain resistant fiber resin top

VS200 Wall Stand

Upright Convenience

Effortless, vertical movement

for fast patient positioning

Patient-side and optional

overhead hand grips for

patient stability and

repeatable positioning

Receptor lowers to the floor

offering a full range of upright

weight bearing procedure


Superior Image Quality

The Ultra U-Arm DR

features state-of-the-art

functionality for supreme digital imaging. The Ultra

U-Arm DR is designed for all imaging applications.

Avoid the time-consuming demands of film processing

and enter the digital world of Direct Radiography.

The Ultra U-Arm DR provides digital images within

seconds of exposure.

Feature-Rich Digital Radiology

Advantages of the Ultra U-Arm DR

include superior

image quality, with greater visualization of soft tissue

and bones from the same study exposure. The

integrated system of generator console with the

workstation in a single unit improves productivity and

decreases the chance of operator error. With image

display within 3 seconds of exposure, the DR enables

high-throughput performance, enhancing practice

workflow. The enclosure keeps the panel safe,

enhancing image quality, increasing its longevity,

and assuring system stability.


Our latest DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the very latest technology of digital imaging to your practice. The H-DR HG+ is our newest & most complete DR system; including full x-ray and retrofit options, the easy to use HG+ digital receptor, high end computer technology, full Opal-RAD software package with the most robust features, extended warranties, and an on-site installer and trainer to make sure you are comfortable and 100% satisfied.

H-FPG FLATPANEL (Gadolinium)

The versatile Flat Panel DR system offers images within seconds of exposure. The 17x17 inch panel produces high quality images. FPG offers true flatpanel technology.



Taking digital radiography to the next level with our Wireless Flat panel

technology is cassette-sized FPW. Providing exceptional

image quality, paired with advanced soware features and functionality.

The 14x17 panel uses enhanced Gadolinium technology and has

many unique features such as device-drop notification


The FPW is ideal for use with both new


rooms as well as a retrofit solution. The versatile

panel utilizes the software for

image capture, manipulation, and sending.

acquire software offers useful tools to enhance the image acquisition process.

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