GE LOGIQ E9 with XDclear Ultrasound Machine

19”color flat panel monitor with articulating arm, motorized adjustable console, 10.4 inch color LCD touch screen, four active transducer ports with patented cable hook. Scanning modes include B-Mode, M-Mode, Color Flow, Pulsed Wave, and Power Doppler, Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating platform, 776 MB cine memory, 500GB internal hard drive, DVD-R, image archive, built-in gel warmer, user footrest, integrated on-board black and white printer bay, and user programmable model parameters. Includes comprehensive software annotation, calculations, and worksheets supporting obstetrical, gynecological, vascular and general imaging applications. Includes a DICOM software package with The Ultrasound Cloud powered by Tricefy providing Verify, Print, Store, Multiframe, Modality Worklist, MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step), Storage Commitment, Media Exchange and Enhanced US Volume Storage. Additionally, supports Query/Retrieve and Structured Reporting. Does not include network hardware, which may be required. Innovative features include: Agile Acoustic Architecture with flexible clinically based mathematical models of the body for enhanced image quality and XDclear transducer technology capabilities. Includes B-Flow technology to help visualize real-time hemodynamic flow and vessel wall definition and Compare Assistant, a workflow enhancement tool that enables easy side by side comparison of previous ultrasound or other modality images with a live ultrasound image, CrossXBeam (spatial compounding), SRI HD (Speckle Reduction Imaging in High Definition) with Organ Specific Imaging, and Coded Harmonics. Productivity can be enhanced through many features such as Raw Data for post-processing of images, Automatic Optimization, Virtual Convex, and Advanced 3D (with multiplanar displays).

Premium Quality Performance Through Advanced Technologies:
The Mindray M7 epitomizes the optimal combination of advanced imaging
technologies and miniaturization technologies. Mindray research and development
engineers employ the System On Chip (SOC) design within the M7 ultrasound system.
SOC enables complex technologies to be built into the M7’s compact laptop style
chassis. Medical devices built around SOC designs are energy efficient and highly
reliable. The M7’s exceptional image quality, user experience, and versatility have
expanded the performance and flexibility envelope for hand carried ultrasound
imaging systems
Ready to work. Built to last.
The unique design of the Mindray M5 began with a deep understanding of
the needs of clinicians at the point-of-care for detailed image quality, simple
functionality and robust performance. The result is a feature-set that optimizes
your workflow in a compact, durable solution:
Sets a new standard for image
quality with the world’s first 15 inch
LCD display in a rugged point-of-
care ultrasound system
Tough magnesium alloy case for
superior shock resistance
Drop-tested to ensure reliability
Sealed surface for easy infection-
Ready to scan upon delivery: 2D,
M, PW, HPRF, Tissue Harmonic,
Color, Power and Directional Power
are standard in each system
Power-up in seconds with your
choice of AC or battery power for
ultrasound imaging anywhere
Backlit panel, simple and intuitive
user interface
Application specific and user
programmable pre-sets
On-board data storage and
Flexibility in file sharing, data
output and networking both wired
and wireless