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More than just a PACS, eRAD is a comprehensive workflow solution that addresses many of

the challenges of today’s distributed reading environments. Since 1999, radiology groups

and Teleradiology service providers in particular have relied on eRAD for its flexibility and

configurability—for the innovative way it quickly moves images to the radiologist instead

of the radiologist to the images. Evolving from one of the early web-based PACS for remote

reading, eRAD has become so much more—offering a complete suite of tools and solutions

designed to support the business of acquiring, reading and reporting from anywhere.

Access and manage any study—the heart of your practice workflow—with eRAD’s

scalable, web-based, enterprise PACS solution. Multiple acquisition and reporting sites can

distribute, share and archive data securely, using worklists and multi-modality protocols

that are tailored to each. Users can navigate studies from a single worklist, customized to

the role and preferences of each. Get faster report turnarounds thanks to pre-fetching, load

balancing and embedded dictation. Data integrity is not only preserved but improved,

even across multiple PACS, so that clinicians can be confident in the data, and they can be

accurate and productive


Advanced Functionalities and Features

• View images from any Web-enabled PC.

• Integrated Web-based dictation and voice recognition

systems enable report creation anywhere.

• Streaming technology optimizes data transmission

based on available bandwidth to eliminate network

bottlenecks and speed image delivery.

• Modality Worklist support.

• Push/pull technology for flexibility and speed.

• CD burning, DICOM routing and DICOM print functions.

• Cost-effective enterprise-wide orthopedic solution

based on a single server that manages complete image

distribution and remote data backup.

• RIS report integration using industry standard HL7

protocols for flexible integration with most other

medical information systems.

• MIP and MPR on-the-fly.

• Tablet and smartphone viewing of both images and reports.

• Full HL7 and Modality Worklist integrates with any EHR, PM, or HIS.

• Single workstation viewing of all modality types, including

Mammography and PET.

• Works with any web browser.

• Integrated Digital Breast Density Measurement.

• Automatic Stitching of X-Rays from any manufacturer's CR or DR.


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