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Acuity 10×12 Wireless is a complete wireless, cassette sized X-Ray detector. It can easily transform any existing conventional x-ray room into an efficient Digital Radiology suite. It is portable and lightweight design requires no bulky modification and easily integrates with any manufactures original equipment in either medical, veterinary or NDT applications . The Acuity 10×12 Wireless DR Panel delivers unmatched image quality just seconds automatic exposure detection, making it a perfect solution for practices seeking to upgrade their existing x-ray room at a cost effective price. This versatile, Wireless DR Detector allows for quick and easy integration and multi-purpose clinical applications.


High Frequency Output

-enhanced image quality

-1/2 radiation dose, twice as efficient

-extends x-ray tube life

•Qualifies for ADA TAX Credit

•Versatile sensor positioning

-improve patient throughput

•3.5in. low base

-improved step height for patient use

•Patient support rail system

-allows access from side or front

•Tilt Head System for AP/DP view


The table-top CR 15, CR-12X and the CR-10X digitizers are based on tried and tested Agfa Health Care technology, with a modular yet robust design offering affordability without compromising on image quality. Versatile, this CR digitizer can handle general radiography, orthopedic, chiropractic, Full Leg/Full Spine and dental applications. The total cost of ownership remains low, thanks to its ease of installation, maintenance and use, making it an affordable way to move from analog to digital. With the CR 10-X, lower volume practices, rural hospitals and private practices can take advantage of the convenient and fast workflow offered by digital radiography.

Affordable, table-top CR's designed to offer low volume practices a cost effective CR Solution that does not compromise image quality.

Key benefits- Convenient and fast workflow with robust functionality. Easy to install and maintain. Fits in small spaces and is ideal for mobile applications and can interface with any DICOM PACS Environment.


•Warranty: 3 years

•NO CASSETTES: Eliminate “wear & tear” associated with CR plates

•Maximum throughput: > 100 images processed per hour

•Sensor Type: CCD

•Line pair per mm: 3.2 lp/mm

•Active Image matrix: 10.25” x 12.75”

•AD Conv. 12-bit

•Sensor weight: 11.8 lbs.

•Power Supply: 100AC

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