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We are located in the central part of Alabama and have THIRTY-SIX years of experience. HOLTZMAN X-RAY works with healthcare professionals to provide and maintain cost efficient and reliable x-ray facilities. We sell a wide range of radiology products including conventional and digital x-ray equipment, and X-ray Machines. In addition, we also sell  x-ray film, chemistry, x-ray accessories, and consumable x-ray supplies. The overwhelming majority of our customers are the private practices of medical professionals who serve their local communities. 

With respect to new or expanding x-ray projects, our services include initial planning, assistance with radiation regulatory matters, facility design, selection and installation of equipment, applications training, and various support services.

  • X-Ray Equipment in Alabama
  • X-Ray Equipment  sales  in Alabama
  • X-Ray Equipment sales in Alabama
  • X-Ray Equipment sales in Alabama
  • X-Ray Equipment sales in Alabama
  • X-Ray equipment sales in Alabama
  • X-ray Equipment sales in Alabama
  • X-Ray sales in Alabama
  • X-Ray supplies in Alabama
    The laptop-style Mindray M5 combines brilliant color image quality, uncompromising 2D performance and exceptional value. This revolutionary hand-carried ultrasound system delivers portability, ease-of-use and high performance for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in a wide variety of hospital and office environments, including:
  • X-Ray Equipment sales in Alabama
  • X-Ray equpment sales in Alabama
    The FPW is ideal for use with both new x-ray rooms as well as a retrofit solution. The versatile panel utilizes the Opal-RAD Acquire software for image capture, manipulation, and sending. 2020’s acquire software offers useful tools to enhance the image acquisition process, thus keeping your office in the forefront of x-ray technology
  • X-Ray sales and service in Alabama
    FCR PRIMA T2 is a table-top reader unit which boasts a world-class high processing speed of 73 IPs/hour.In the high speed mode (5 pixels/mm), throughput is enhanced almost 70% compared with FCR PRIMA T (only for IPs of 14″ × 17″ and 14″ × 14″ ). As with all Fujifilm equipment FCR PRIMA T2 is easy to operate. It will help reduce patient waiting time and greatly increase the efficiency of examination workflow.